Rubyist and humanist

Adsidera, aka Anna Costalonga, Berlin and Leipzig, Germany

I am a Ruby on Rails developer, with experience coordinating small dev teams with agile methodologies. I welcome challenges, be they creating apps from scratch or maintaining and enhancing with Ruby/Ruby on Rails complex and articulated modern apps

I have a daily familiarity with SQL and MongoDB databases

Git and RSpec are my bread and butter, a test-first, TDD approach is not unusual for me
I am a lady developer, so I do not like mice I prefer using VIM & TMUX over fancy IDEs

HTML, HAML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Javascript: my fundamentals

Author and translator from German, English and French into Italian, I enjoy naturally technical writing and reorganizing pre-existent but unconsistent code documentations
Agile worker in an agile team, with flat hierarchies, I like to proactively contribute with my ideas and different experiences from different sectors in different countries

I am a gentle feminist, co-founder of the italogerman womens'blog Le Donne Visibili,
I am a volunteer ambassador for the Bitnation project in Berlin, a proud member of Rubymonstas Berlin and volunteer developer to the Diversity Ticket action, supported by Travis CI

I am an enthusiastic tech-lady and am naturally inclined to positive and vibrant communication, to public speaking and promoting ideas and projects I believe in.

I like to be goodhumoured, polite, generous and positive with colleagues, resilient and perfectionist

Technological and cultural

One of the few developers who can join technological knowledge, problem-solving attitude and passion for future and futuristic solutions, with a profound knowledge of the art and cultural sector, as experienced literary translator and classical music journalist.
I am a relentless and passionate communicator, with entrepreneurial attitude and a keen interest in spreading digital innovation into the cultural sector.

I have a strong inclination in taking part and promoting the more challenging and audacious projects - if you have one, I will be happy to help :)

Please feel free to use the form below for any info, quote, request, help concerning your site or project